Pot of Twinings Tea                                           £1.80

Pot of Fruit or Flavoured Tea                               £1.90

Pot of Earl Grey Tea                                          £1.90

Americano espresso & steamed water                      £2.10

Double Espresso                                              £1.80

Cappuccino espresso with steamed & foamed milk        £2.35

                                                               Large £2.75

The coffees above are made with 2 shots of coffee, if you prefer yours not so strong please let us know.

Cream with your coffee add 50p per person.

Extra shot of coffee 90p

Decaffeinated Coffee served in a cafetiere         £2.35

Latte steamed milk & espresso lightly topped with foam £2.35


Hot Chocolate                                                   £2.35

Hot Chocolate with Cream                                  £2.65

Hot Chocolate with Cream & Treats                    £2.75


Coke or Diet Coke                                             £1.50

Sprite/7 Up                                                       £1.50

Fresh Orange or Apple Juice                              £1.50

Sparkling or Still Mineral Water                           £1.50

Glass of Milk                                                     £1.20


Blossom Hill Wine 187ml Bottle                          £3.35
(Red, Rose or White)

Budweiser                                                         £3.00

Yorkshire Square Ale (or alternative)                     £3.00


Becks Blue (Alcohol Free)                                                              £3.00

Afternoon Tea


Choice of Sandwich

Yorkshire Ham & Tomato

Tuna Mayonnaise with Cucumber

Tuna Mayonnaise with Red Onion

Egg Mayonnaise

Cheddar Cheese & Red Onion

Cheddar Cheese with Tomato


Scone with Jam & Whipped Cream


Cup Cake


Pot of Tea, Americano Coffee or Soft Drink

Cakes & Scones

Cup Cakes                                                  £1.50

Toasted Teacake                                         £1.80

Toasted Teacake with Jam                           £1.90

Fruit Scone                                                 £1.80

Fruit Scone with Jam                                   £1.90

Fruit Scone with Jam & Cream                      £2.10

Cherry Scone                                               £1.80

Cherry Scone with Jam                                  £1.90

Cherry Scone with Jam & Cream                    £2.10

Cheese Scone                                              £1.80

Selection of Shortbreads & Flapjacks              £2.35

Bakewell Tart                                                £2.35

White Chocolate & Cranberry Tiffin                 £2.35

Caramel Shortbread                                     £2.35

GLUTEN FREE Chocolate Brownie with raspberries  £2.35

Cherry Fruit Cake                                         £3.50

Chocolate Fudge Cake                                 £3.50

Triple Victoria Sponge                                   £3.50

Four Layer Carrot Cake                                 £3.95

Breakfast served all day


Full English Breakfast


Bacon, sausages & black pudding with a free range egg, tomato, mushrooms & either white or granary toast.

Free range eggs on toast                                        £4.20

    (scrambled, poached or fried)

Sautéed Mushrooms with toast                              £4.20

Bacon Roll                                                            £3.30

Sausage Bun                                                        £3.30

Additional items 60p each


Soup of the day with crusty bread                                                                £4.20

‘Bernie’ Bun bacon, leaves and tomato in a roll                                                  £3.90

Smooth Brussels Pate with side salad, red onion relish and white or granary toast    £5.95

Creamy Garlic Mushrooms with side salad and crusty bread                                        £5.95

Chilli Con Carne served with rice and nachos                                                                   £7.95

Mushroom Stroganoff with rice and side salad                                                                 £7.95

Spinach & Mushroom Lasagne with salad, coleslaw  and garlic bread                      £7.95

Quiche of the day with side salad and coleslaw                                                                £4.95

Beef Lasagne with salad, coleslaw and garlic bread                                                          £7.95

Lily’s Ploughman’s Lunch


Ham, Brussels pate & mature cheddar

with Branston Pickle, salad, pickled onions

and crusty bread

Sandwiches £5.95

Tuna Mayonnaise with Cucumber

Tuna Mayonnaise with Red Onion

Yorkshire Ham and Tomato

Chicken with Mayonnaise

BLT (bacon, lettuce & tomato)

Cheddar Cheese with Red Onion

Cheddar Cheese with Tomato

Egg Mayonnaise with Bacon

Brie & Grape

Brie & Cranberry

Served on white or granary bread with salad & crisps

Additional fillings 50p


Club Sandwich              £6.95

Triple decked toasted sandwich with chicken,

 bacon, lettuce & tomato

Served on white or granary bread with salad & coleslaw 

Paninis £5.95

Tuna Mayonnaise with Mozzarella

Yorkshire Cooked Ham with Mozzarella

Chicken and Bacon with Mozzarella

Tomato with Mozzarella

Red Onion with Mozzarella

Brie & Grape

Brie & Bacon

Brie & Cranberry

Served with salad & coleslaw

Additional fillings 50p each


Jacket Potatoes   £5.95

Cheddar Cheese

Chilli Con Carne

Chicken and Bacon

Cottage Cheese

Tuna Mayonnaise

Served with salad & coleslaw

Additional fillings 50p each

Salads   £6.50

Leaves, red onion, peppers, cucumber & cherry tomatoes with

Chicken & Bacon

Cheddar Cheese

Tuna Mayonnaise

Yorkshire Cooked Ham

Brie & Grape

Bacon & Mushrooms

Mushrooms & Black Pudding

Additional Toppings 50p

Children’s Lunch


Small Sandwich choice of

Yorkshire Ham, Cheddar Cheese,

Tuna or Egg Mayonnaise


Piece of Fruit


Cup Cake


Glass of fresh Apple Juice, Orange Juice or Milk

Side Orders

Garlic Bread                        £2.30      Pot of Coleslaw  £1.20

Garlic Bread with Cheese £3.00      Side Salad          £1.80